Black Sheepskin Rug (Quad)

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Black Quad Fleece Sheepskin Rug

Jet Black Sheepskin Rug now in Quad Fleece size. Four Single pelts are matched and sewn together to give you the perfect quad sheepskin rug. This rug is from UK sheep, tanned here in the UK. Minimum wool length is 60mm giving you a lovely added warmth to your home or business. Perfect as a rug or a throw over a chair, bed or sofa.

  • Black Quad Medium: 190x120cm (74"x47")

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are your rugs measured from?
A: We measure our sheepskin rugs wool side up from end to end (longest and widest points). These rugs are not measured by the size of the suede backing.

Q: Where is this sheepskin from?
A: This rug originates from New Zealand Sheepskin. If you are looking for something else our long haired Icelandic Quad Sheepskin Rugs may be an option.

Q: What is a "Quad" rug?
A: Our Quad Sheepskin Rugs are  four pelts sewn together end to end and side to side to create a larger rug.


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