Caring for your Rugs

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Even if you haven't spent a fortune on your new rug, it is essential that you take good care of it to ensure it stays looking its best. A regular routine of hoovering, periodic cleaning and the immediate cleaning of any stains or spillages is the perfect way to look after your new rug. Especially Natural rugs such as sheepskin rugs

You don't need any expensive equipment or products to clean your rugs. A good hoover is essential as is some carpet shampoo, cleaning cloths, and paper towel to mop up any spills is all you need in your rug cleaning kit.

Regular cleaning will help to extend the natural life of your rugs and keep them looking immaculate and feeling as good as new. Gritty dirt and ground in grime can build up quickly on your rugs, especially in high traffic areas. We recommend daily vacuuming to ensure dirt and allergens are completely removed. This will improve the look of your rugs and prevent colour fading and the rug pile to look its best.

Spillages and other stains should be dealt with as quickly as possible so as to limit the damage they can do. Stubborn stains can be hard to remove by hand, but the quicker you can remove the offending liquid or substance, the easier it will be to clean the stain and prevent it from getting deep into your rug pile. Most stains can be wiped up with kitchen towel or a clean cloth. You can then get to work with a little carpet shampoo to ensure the stain is removed quickly and effectively.

Of course, prevention is often better than cure so if you are worried about your expensive or delicate rugs from becoming dirty or damaged, it is best to follow a few precautions. Ensure that you and other visitors to your home remove their shoes before stepping onto your rugs. It is amazing how much dirt is brought into your home from outside and this will only cause your rugs to get dirty and look faded.

Cleaning your rugs regularly with a carpet shampoo will also help to keep the colours and pile look at their best. If you have a wool rug, look out for the WOOLSAFE mark on carpet cleaning products as this means they have been independently tested for use on wool rugs.