Childrens Rugs: A Practical Solution

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Though there isn’t much I can do to redecorate my daughter’s room because we rent, there are some small touches I can add that don’t alter her room on a permanent basis. We cannot paint because my landlord is stuck in white-is-best land, but I can lay down some throw rugs over her hardwood floors. I love hardwoods, but they are cold in our place in the winter. I have recently begun to make her room more like the princess theme that she wants, and I have started to look for child rugs that I can buy for her room.

I think the child rugs I will buy will be pink, blue or purple. I might even consider a light green color because this color is also in the comforter I just got her. She got the comforter and a new pink pillow for Christmas and she just loves them. Until now her room has been Wiggles, but she is getting to be old enough where she wants something different. She loves the Wiggles still, but I think it’s time she got something more girlie. Now that I have the comforter done, I think the child rugs should come next.

The child rugs I want to get are not that expensive because I know where to buy them. If you can find a great place with good prices on child rugs you should consider getting everything for their bedroom there. You will find that most places that have one thing will have everything else that you need, and many times they have matching sets. You can find things that go together, and this is great if you are anything like me. I have a hard time matching things up sometimes and I like it when the work is done for me.

Remember that some child rugs are better than others. There are some that are thick and warm, and there are child rugs that are thin and flimsy. If you are putting rugs over a hardwood floor like I am, you have to make sure you have one that will stay in place. A rug that slips can be a huge safety hazard for everyone in your home. If you have ever slipped on a rug you know what I am talking about. If the rug you want seems to be one that will slip, make sure you buy a backing for it to make it stay in place.