Comfy and Environment Friendly Wool Rugs

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Rugs give the room a character, and they have been part of home interior design for so long, and they are sure to stay.  Rugs have a variety of styles that are available in the market. Rugs are decorative as well as utility items.  Laying out a rug on the room brings a feeling of warmth when you walked on it. Contemporary rugs are also good in absorbing sound, which is perfect if one wants a quieter room.

Wool rugs are a popular choice by many homeowners around the world. Rugs of wool type bring a person closer to the great outdoors at the comfort of his or her living room or bedroom.
Wool is a natural material, and it is associated with land and natural setting. Wool rugs are also a top choice among environmentally-conscious individuals since wool is a sustainable fiber grown naturally, and the process of wool rug creation is friendly to the environment. Wool is also known as a material that is created from a renewable resource. A natural fiber like wool aids in saving other nature’s resources.

Wool-type rugs are perfect in absorbing the usual contaminants in the room. Common pollutants like formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide is neutralized by wool and binds them irreversibly in their structure.  Wool is also recommended for those people who are suffering from allergy and asthma since wool is a non-allergic fiber that prohibits the proliferation of dust mites and bacteria. Many people like rugs that are made of wool because of their bacteria-repellant quality.

For homeowners who need a reliable rug that does not need cleaning all the time, wool rugs are the best choice. They are relatively easy to clean since their fibers have natural protective membranes that prohibit penetration of stains and wet spills. Wool, with its scaly structure, has the ability to push dirt high on the pile so it can be vacuumed easily.

A wool rug is nature-friendly and easy to maintain. Many people love the feel of this type of rug on their feet. One will definitely find wool rugs both useful and attractive.