Cowhide Price Guide

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All our Cowhide Rugs are from South America, the quality and tanning procedures used in these regions are the best in the world.  We always try and select a wide variety of shapes and colours so that we can appeal to as many customers as possible.

To help you choose the Cowhide Rug that is right for you here are a few hints and tips.

The prices you see include vat and UK mainland delivery.

Our cowhide rugs would sell for 40/50% more in some of the major high street stores

Our prices are based on the following criteria:

Size:  Obvious I know but the bigger the cowhide rug the more you pay. The size is based on the Square meter. We give you a rough size guide of, for example 2.3m x 1.9m This is not the square meter size, it is just a rough guide. We take the measurement from head to tail as the first measurement then the total width of the hind quarters as the second.

Aesthetics:  We also take into consideration the shape and colour, whether there are cuts, markings and the general condition of the hide. You must not forget these guys were mooching around a field getting caught on barb wire and fence posts. Their skin does get damaged.  

Breed:  Generally most of the breeds are the same price. Sometimes though we have an exceptional breed that has amazing markings and colour and all the criteria that is taken into consideration this will push the price up a bit. Unfortunately as you would imagine anything that is a bit unusual gets snapped up very quick.

We hope you find our price guide helpful and look forward to your custom.