Decorating with Area Rugs

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I live where there are always very cold winters. This means that any attempt to stay warm in the winter has a fifty-fifty chance of being successful. It is sad that my heating bill for the month can be over 500 dollars, and yet, my home still feels cold. There is not much I can do about this, but buying area rugs has helped somewhat. I have beautiful hardwoods in my apartment, and even if I was allowed to cover them up, I would never do it. Instead, I place smaller rugs in some places so that we can keep our feet a little warmer when the weather turns cold.

Most people have area rugs for the very same reason, and many have them for looks as well. These are always great when there is a large unbroken expanse of floor that seems a little too bare, and many times, using area rugs can greatly enhance the look of a room that might very well have need help in the color department. These can be a splash of color when change is needed the most. They are very common in homes that have hardwood floors, though some put them over other materials as well.

Of course, there are some area rugs that cost more than others. Some are so large that they take up most of the room, but they are not in any way attached to the floor. Instead of using nails to place this type of area rugs, a special backing is laid down first that stops the rug from moving when someone walks on it. This is the best way to protect the integrity of the hard wood floor. People change their mind about décor all the time, and it is never a good idea to make area type rugs permanent.

Because I don’t own my own home, I tend to buy rather inexpensive modern rugs to place though my home. My cats scratch them, and they get worn out rather quickly. Instead of spending a lot on something that might get ruined, I just replace them each year, and I can do that rather cheaply. When I own my own home, I might have a different view on the situation. Until then, the cheap ones work rather well, and I don’t have to worry about what happens to them. I can get a new color each year if I choose, and I can get a new size if desired. It works out well for me.