Decorating With Rugs

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A rug can really change the look and feel of any room in your house. Rugs can help to pull all other components in your room together creating an interesting and attractive focal point and adding warmth.

There are many ways you can decorate your home with rugs. You could use a rug to define and separate areas in a room. This is especially effective in large living areas or areas where you want to define dining and seating areas. You can use more than one rug in a room, but try to choose designs and colours that match or complement one another. You could also use a rug as a shock of colour in an otherwise neutral room. Bright greens, reds and purples look great against cream coloured walls and light wooden or vinyl flooring for instance. Busy patterns are best used in neutral rooms whilst plainer rugs will look better in rooms with patterned wallpaper or floral fabrics.

Rugs can be used as the central focus of any room. Simply choose a rug that will be noticed and place it in the centre of the room or another focal point such as next to a fireplace or your sofa. Rugs can make a huge impact and change the look and feel of a room instantly. If you are decorating you could also choose to use a paint that is the same colour as one of your rug's accent hues to create a subtle yet attractive effect.

Rugs come in all shapes and sizes so don't feel you have to stick to a traditional rectangular rug. Look at your room and try to decide which shape and size would look best. Round rugs look fabulous in the centre of a room whilst rectangular and square rugs look great in hallways, beside the fire, and next to seating. With so many rugs to choose from there really is a rug to suit all tastes, all rooms and all budgets so let your imagination run wild. There really are no rules and no limitations!

If you are looking for a warm and attractive floor covering for your hallway, a runner is a great choice. These longer rugs draw the eye down the hallway making it seem longer and are available in a wide range of designs and colours. Just make sure you use adhesive pads on your runner to ensure they do not slide or move position.