Reindeer Rug Care

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Reindeer Rugs are generally a decorative item, therefore we do not recommend the hides be continuously stepped on, sat on or walked on for prolonged periods of time.

If looked after, your Hide should last for many years.  At first the hide will malt, this is quite normal. All you need to do is shake the hide outside every few days.  After a few weeks (a month or so) it should settle down and you can shake it less often.  As these hides are weatherproof they can be used indoors or outdoors. However If the hides get wet, then they should be allowed to dry out naturally.

Reindeer Rug Fur is constructed of hollow hairs providing thermal insulation.  Hides should not be placed in front of a fireplace or heat source as excessive heat or drying will cause the hairs to shed and malt.  It is recommended that the hide is placed outside for at least one day in every month.
For general cleaning you can gently Hoover, but again we would recommend you just shake it outside.

Note: As with all fur pile products you will experience some shedding from these hides.

Do not allow pets (especially cats) to get too fond of your rug, they love to dig out the hairs.