The World of Contemporary Rugs

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Before, the process of rug creation is very laborious since each rug is knotted by hand. Hand-knotted rugs were perhaps started out in Central Asia around Second to Third Millennium Before the Common Era.  A preserved pile rug from 4th century BCE that is still available for viewing right now is called the “Pazryk Carpet.” It was luck that this rug had been locked in ice in Pazryk valley. It was excavated by the team of Sergei Ivanovich in 1949 from a burial ground. The experts theorized that the rug can be traced back to the Persian Achaeminids or the Scythians.

Today, there are modern methods that are less laborious than the old-world process, and ensure the durability of the output. A needlefelt rug is made with the use of advanced techniques. The manufacturers rely on electrostatic pairing of synthetic fibers to make this type of carpet. Some of the designs are considered contemporary rugs.
Rugs have always been a part of home since time immemorial. Today, more and more homeowners prefer contemporary rugs with intricate designs and fine colors. One of the leading modern rugs is the Retro Rug Collection. Even if the retro rugs are an inspiration from the 50s to 70s era, they are widely-recognized by rug experts as very modern types of rugs.  The collection exhibits are mostly wool rugs that fuses tufted wool tones and looped pile. Going for a contemporary look in the room? The collection can prove to be a valuable addition to the room.

Another type of contemporary rugs is the Casa Rug Collection . The collection is known for combining dramatic colors and patterns with high quality creation process. Casa Rugs are made with 100 percent Heatset polypropylene pile, soft to touch and very thick. One can take pleasure in choosing bold and contemporary designs such as Nicola, Maria, and Jennifer design.
Monte Carlo Collection, on the other hand, is made of 100 percent faux silk in jewel tones.  The contemporary rugs of Monte Carlo are a fusion of old-world floral prints and avant-garde geometric designs.