How lockdown changed our homes

in Latest Trends

With trips out to restaurants and taking part in group activities on hold in recent months, our homes being a safe place has never felt more relevant. As a result of this, we have all been adapted our homes to meet our needs.


This has resulted in a big surge in home cinema's, at-home bars and many of us opening up our living spaces to host family and friends in our homes. And it looks like this trend is here to stay with more and more people choosing to host friends at home over joining in with large public gatherings.


It seems that sales of rugs and home decoration have also flourished during lockdown. Now that we are using our homes to entertain people, we want to decorate them to feel warm and inviting for our friends.



Lastly, many of us are looking at bright and contrasting coloured rugs and cushions to finish off our living spaces.


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