Working From Home - 4 Tips For Creating Multipurpose Space at Home

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     I, like many of us, have been working from home as much as possible recently and at times this can be quite an awkward and uncomfortable experience, especially if you do not have a suitable space from which to work.

    The WFH trend looks set to stay for quite some time as many organisations have adapted their procedures to make this a sustainable solution for the future. This change in working practices has created a need of multipurpose spaces in our homes. We need our home space to be both a particle workspace and cosy and homely in equal measure.

    Luckily, there are many small changes we can make to create these multipurpose stylish and practical spaces.

    Tip 1: Make the most of any available space.

    You want to separate your workspace from your relaxing space as much as possible. This can be very difficult in homes with not a lot of space. Why not make the most of every small nook and cranny? Why not put a small desk under the stairs and make yourself a under stairs office?

    WFH Office Under Stairs

    Tip 2: Make your office space clean with a cosy feel

    Keeping workspaces clean and tidy can help concertation levels and make working from home a more pleasant and enjoyable experience. Try to add a bit of colour or warmth to the area. Why not add a rug underfoot or under the desk to protect the floor and give the space a bit of added warmth? Try accessorising the area with contrasting coloured items such as a colourful desk tidy.


    Tip 3: A comfortable chair and regular exercise are essential

    When I started working from home, the thing I have struggled with the most is an achy back. At first, I was using a dining room chair which was too low and uncomfortable. A firmer chair was needed but this can also feel somewhat uncomfortable over a long period of time. So, I added a Sheepskin Rug to the chair. The thick wool softened the firm chair and Sheepskin naturally helps prevent aches, pains, and sores.

    The second thing I did was put a timer on. Every hour of sitting down and working, I would then stand up and walk around for 5 minutes. Stretching your back out like this regularly is vital to prevent the usual aches and pains we all get when we are sitting down too long.



    Tip 4: Develop a routine and stick with it

    A routine can really help with motivation and concentration. I would recommend having a clock nearby your workstation and setting regular break times. Have the same breaks each day and decide what you do for each one in advance. Maybe one in the morning is to make yourself a brunch snack with a cup of tea, an early afternoon break for a short walk, and a late afternoon break for a short exercise class?

    If you are looking for a new clock to add some colour or to help keep to your routine, have a great range.