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Natural (off white) Single Fleece Sheepskin Rug with Natural Dark Spots 

These Single Sheepskin rugs are entirely natural in colour and all individually pictured. Just pick the rug you like from the drop down box.

All of these rugs are from British Sheep and they have natural dark spots in different areas of the rug making each rug completely individual.

The following is a short description of each rug currently available:
British-Spot-1: Small Black Spot at Front - Size 95x54cm (Medium)

British-Spot-2: Very small Brown on Lower Back - Size 127x76cm (Super Large)
British-Spot-3: Small Brown Spot at Front of Rug - Size 105x76cm (Large)
British-Spot-4: Small Brown Spot at Front of Rug - Size 105x74cm (Large)
British-Spot-5: Small Brown Spot on One Leg - Size 115x76cm (Extra Large)
British-Spot-6: Brown Spot on One Leg - Size 128x80cm (Super Large)
British-Spot-7: Small Brown Line at Front of Rug - Size 100x76cm (Medium)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are your rugs measured?
A: Our rugs are measured wool side up from the longest and widest points (not the size of the suede backing).

Q: Is this rug really natural?
A: All our Natural Rugs are completely free of artificial dyes giving you natural Sheepskin colourings and a genuine authentic look.

Q: Where is this sheepskin from?
A: This rug is made from British or Irish Sheepskin


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Product Code British-Spot-4
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