Custom Made Sheepskins

Custom Made Sheepskin Rugs

If one of our standard sizes doesn't meet your needs, you can request a free quote for a custom-made sheepskin rug by calling us on 01453 842 493.


What can we make?

We can create bespoke sized rugs in either British Sheepskin or Long-Haired Icelandic Sheepskin in a variety of colours. These can have natural edges or straight edges.

British (Natural Edges) British (Straight Edges) Icelandic (Natural Edges)

How do I request a quote?

Getting a quote is simple, just:

  • Ring our sales team on 01453 842 493
  • Provide us with the following information:
  1. Length and width
  2. Colour
  3. Type of sheepskin (Icelandic or British)
  4. Straight or natural edges

How long will delivery take?

Custom Rugs typically take roughly 2-3 weeks to be delivered.


Can I return a Custom Rug?

All custom rugs are unique and made to order to your specific requirements, therefore they are not returnable. If you are unsure about a colour, we suggest you purchase a small rug in that colour to check if it is suitable before ordering a custom made rug.

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