Cleaning a Sheepskin Rug

Red Sheepskin Rug (Single) It is important to remember sheepskin rugs are a natural product, and although their wool is a very good dirt and liquid repellent, you will still have to clean it at some point.  Sheepskin rugs can last a very long time if properly cared for.  Always take the time to read the instructions that come with your newly purchased sheepskin rug.  Most of the time, and for general weekly up keep, you can remove dust and loose particles easily by using a wire brush to rake up the wool pile a bit. You can purchase a Sheepskin Rug Brush here. You can also do wonders by shaking the rug vigorously to remove small particles.  You can also use a vacuum cleaner, but ONLY do so with a non-rotating attachment, just use the suction head of the vacuum cleaner.

Depending on the size of Your Sheepskin Rug , they can be machine washed.  If you do machine wash make sure you use the Cool Wool setting and use a non-enzyme shampoo.  The sheepskin shampoo should be specially manufactured for use with sheepskin products.  Only use cold, or barely warm, water for cleaning as hot water could do severe damage to your rug. If your sheepskin Rug is too large to fit in your machine or you just think a machine wash might damage your rug, then you can fill up the bath tub and hand wash the rug.  Some advice advocates the use of baby shampoo, just a small amount to cleanse the rug, also add a quality wool conditioning agent in either the final washing machine rinse cycle, or the last rinse in your bath tub if you are hand-washing the rug.  This special conditioner will help keep the leather backing soft and supple.  It will assist in restoring a lustrous sheen and coating to keep the sheepskin rug in the best shape.  Rinse one more time after applying the conditioner.

Once you have cleaned your rug, gently wring out as much of the water as possible. It would be wise for two people to do this process as you can each have one end of the rug and both gently keep twisting until the water stops coming out.
You should absolutely never use a tumble dryer to attempt to dry your sheepskin rug.  After the rug has been washed, cleaned, and treated with a special wool conditioner, hang it on a line or lay it out flat and keep it away from any heated surfaces so that the material will dry evenly in the air.  Massage the skin side of the rug as it dries to ensure its flexibility and that it keeps its supple shape.  Also keep the sheepskin rug away from direct sunlight as the sun’s rays can change the texture of the wool after it has dried and or alter the colour.  Take a wire brush and gently uplift the fibres before and after the rug has dried.

It is also possible to have your sheepskin rug dry-cleaned if that is the method you would prefer.  Remember, after washing a sheepskin rug, it is natural to see a slight shrinkage of the material, typically somewhere between 5 and 7 percent of the rug’s size.  This is a normal side effect of washing and is to be expected.

We hope our care guide has provided some useful hints and tips on the maintenance of your sheepskin rug