Light Grey Sheepskin Rug (Single)

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Light Grey Single Fleece Sheepskin Rug

Say hello to the Light Grey Sheepskin Rug. Dyed Grey, this sheepskin is new to the range and available in a single sheepskin rug. Want a larger rug made up? contact us to see if we can make a double, quad or even bigger rug to your specification. Our sheepskin rugs are thicker, heavier and have denser wool.
  • Light Grey Single Medium: 95x65cm (37.5"x25.5")
  • Light Grey Single Small: 85x60cm (33"x24")

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are your rugs measured?
A: Our rugs are measured wool side up from the longest and widest points (not the size of the suede backing).

Q: Where is this sheepskin from?
A: We stock a range of Sheepskin Rugs that originate from UK, New Zealand and Iceland.

Q: I need a larger Sheepskin Rug?
A: Our Sheepskin Rugs come in many different sizes. We offer single pelt Sheepskin Rugs and if you something larger rug then we also offer a Double, Quad, Sexto and Octo Sheepskin Rug size in a range of colours.


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Brand Rughouse SR
Condition New
Weight 1kg