• Brushing out your rug:

The best way to clean your rug is by brushing the rug every month using a wire sheepskin rug brush to remove any loose wool. Shake your rug outside after brushing. Sheepskin Rug Brushes are available to buy in the Rug Cleaning section.

  • Handwashing

If you have spilt or stained your rug you may wish to handwash it using our special Sheepskin Shampoo that helps remove and dirty marks and stains.

  • Machine Washing (cold wash only)

Our sheepskin rugs are also machine washable if required. Ensure that you wash it on a cold wash only. When you dry your rug, make sure you avoid drying it on or near any heat source or in direct sunlight. You must drip dry this rug away from direct sunlight. Tumble drying, direct sunlight and drying over a heat source (e.g. radiator) can cause your rug to shrink and the suade to harden.

Download Sheepskin Shampoo Guide