The Benefits of Rugs

There are so many great benefits to choosing rugs for your home. A new rug can transform a room instantly helping to define the character or mood of the room and adding colour and texture that other floor coverings can't quite manage. Whilst rugs are certainly practical, with so many great styles and designs on the market you have the freedom to choose a functional floor covering in a style to suit your personal taste and décor.

Comfort, Versatility and Safety

Nothing can quite compare to the feeling of a deep pile rug underfoot. If you have hardwood or vinyl flooring you may notice these surfaces can get cold especially in the winter months. A warm and cosy rug will create a feeling of instant comfort especially when positioned in seating areas or by the fireplace. Whether you choose a sheepskin rug, a cow-hide or a traditional wool rug, it is sure to create a feeling of relaxation, warmth and an inviting environment for you and your guests.

Rugs are extremely versatile. First and foremost they are available in a wide range of colours, styles and materials giving you the choice to match or complement your décor perfectly. Rugs are also moveable so if you choose to rearrange your room or simply want a change, you can pick up your rug easily and move it where you want it to go. If you need to decorate a room, simply roll out your rug and leave it somewhere safe out of the path of wallpaper paste or paint splatters. No other floor covering gives you so many options or flexibility.

If used with adhesive rug pads, rugs provide a stable and non-stick surface for any room. If you are worried about members of your family falling on your hard flooring, a rug is the ideal answer and will provide an attractive and safe means of covering the area. Rugs can also be used under tables, sofas, and chairs to prevent unnecessary or unwanted movement. This is especially beneficial for chairs with metal legs or furnishings that are on castors.

Overall, rugs have many great benefits. They are cheaper than fully fitted carpets, allow you more versatility in choosing colours and styles to suit your taste, allow you to change your room's look by changing your rug's position, and create a warm and inviting feel to any room. With so many great colour and style choices on the market you really will be spoiled for choice.